Mainframes still play a vital role in many companies, corporations, financial institutions and organizations. As customers plan for the next generation of systems and applications, they need to consider every opportunity to modernize and optimize. They need to evaluate options in cutting unnecessary costs, reducing processing requirements and tuning applications. Optimization and modernization is key in achieving systems that can handle the demands of new and growing workloads.

In conjunction with mainframe implementations, many large organizations use IBM Customer Information Control System (CICS). In fact, CICS has a dominant presence, being installed at almost every System z site. Used for developing, running and managing transaction applications on the mainframe, these systems have grown and evolved with the business over time. CICS Tools (CICS Interdependency Analyzer, CICS Deployment Assistant, CICS VSAM Recovery, CICS Configuration Management, CICS Performance Analyzer and CICS VSAM Transparency) help with configuration, management, optimization and modernization of CICS systems and applications.

This blog details some of the key business benefits CICS sites achieve using CICS Tools.

DevOps is a set of practices supported by automation tools and streamlined processes. It creates an automated software delivery pipeline, enabling organizations to deliver better-quality systems and applications faster.

DevOps is about people, culture, processes and tools. It’s an approach that builds on the concept of Agile development, focusing on open, collaborative methods and use of automation to increase the speed and flexibility with which new features and services are delivered.

DevOps can transform the way customers provision CICS Systems and Applications. CICS Tools such as CICS Configuration Manager, CICS Performance Analyzer, CICS Interdependency Analyzer and CICS Deployment Assistant can play a key role in implementing DevOps processes.

In summary, CICS Tools help with your DevOps pipeline by assisting with Agile and lean principles across your entire software delivery chain. It helps you to take a new or enhanced business capability from idea to production.

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