CICS PA V5.4 APAR PI94493 – Exception Summary report enhancements – RFE 63231

To add to all the enhancements in CICS PA V5.4:

New in CICS PA V5.4

the PTF for APAR PI94493 provides additional new function.

Prior to this enhancement, the Exception Summary report provided summarization by transaction id only. It was also a fixed format tabular report that included all exception types regardless of whether the exception records were generated or not.

RFE 63231 requested the following enhancements to the Exception Summary report:

  1. Provide summarization by APPLID in addition to TRANID
  2. Provide date and time for the exceptions
  3. Provide the ability to select the exception fields

Summary of enhancements

CICS PA Exception Summary report provides the following features in response to RFE 63231.

  1. The user now has the ability to select 1 to 3 summarization key fields from a list of Exception
    identification fields including APPLID, START and STOP fields.
  2. The user can now select the following 3 levels of detail for each Exception type:
    1. SHORTSUM provides summarization by each Exception type (EXCMNTYP)
    2. LONGSUM provides summarization by exception type plus resource type (EXCMNRTY)
    3. LONGSUM(RESID) provides summarization by exception type plus resource type plus resource id (EXCMNRID)

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