CICS Tools announces new release of CICS IA and PTFs for CICS PA, CM and DA to support CICS TS V5.5

New in CICS IA V5.5

CICS IA enables CICS users to understand the detailed runtime topology of their CICS applications as they modernize, and API-enable them for the digital age.

  • Support for new threadsafe access to Coupling Facility Data Tables (CFDT) in CICS TS V5.5
  • Integration of CICS IA runtime views of CICS resource interdependency and command flow with those provided by the IBM Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence (ADDI) product
  • Usability enhancements in CICS IA views

New features of CICS IA V5.5 help clients to realize the benefits of modernizing CICS applications to use new capabilities that are delivered in recent releases of CICS TS V5. Many other enhancements in CICS IA V5.5 offer increased value to clients with earlier releases of CICS TS.

CICS IA in conjunction with products such as ADDI, and including IBM z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition (EE), are tools that play a key part in any organization looking to modernize and API-enable their applications.

The CICS Optimization Solution Pack for z/OS is updated to V5.5 to include this new release of CICS IA, and the latest releases of the other component products: CICS Configuration Manager for z/OS (CICS CM) V5.4, CICS Deployment Assistant (CICS DA) V5.3, and CICS Performance Analyzer (CICS PA) V5.4.

New PTFs for CICS PA, CM and DA to support CICS TS V5.5

The PTFs for the following APARs will provide support for CICS TS V5.5

  • APAR PH02076 is provided for CICS CM V5.4
  • APAR PH02077 is provided for CICS PA V5.4
  • APAR PH02419 is provided for CICS DA V5.3

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