CICS Performance Analyzer is the premier performance reporting and analysis tool for CICS Transaction Server.

The current version is CICS PA V5.4 and this has been enhanced via PTF for APAR PH01695.

The following enhancements are introduced by CICS PA V540 APAR PH01695

  1. RFE 123678. With the introduction of the new CICS PA Performance Summary abend count field ABCOUNT, users can easily report the number of abended transactions in the various Performance Summary reports, including Historical Data Bases.
  2. RFE 123057. Prior to this APAR, the CICS PA Summary report provided Logstream and Structure summarization at the system level only. This APAR gives the user the option to summarize Logstream and Structure utilization across the whole Sysplex.
  3. The CICS PA Performance and Statistics summary reports now allows for a limit to be applied to a statistical field to limit the number of summary entries for each high order key value. This option allows the summary report to be condensed to show only the resources of most relevance. The limit is selected in the Summary Form and is applied to one statistical field such as average Response time. The result in that the summary report will be the inclusion of summary lines for each high order key value up to the limitvalue based on average Response time. For example, if the summary Form has a key and fields that result in FIELDS(APPLID,TRAN,RESPONSE(AVE,DESCEND,LIMIT(10))…), the Summary report will only include the first 10 transaction codes with the highest average Response time for each APPLID.
  4. This APAR modifies the CICS PA Primary menu option 3 Report Forms description to include “submit” in order to highlight the fact that this option not only allows user to maintain the Form but also directly submit them to generate reports. The ability to directly submit a Form avoids the need to specify the Form in a Report Set in order to generate the report and is particularly useful when running ad hoc

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