CICS Performance Analyzer is the premier performance reporting and analysis tool for CICS Transaction Server.

The current version is CICS PA V5.4 and this has been enhanced via PTF for APAR PH08968.

The following enhancements are introduced by CICS PA V540 APAR PH08968

  1. RFE 116861. Prior to this enhancement, statistical values for Form based Performance reports were converted to exponential when they exceeded 999999999. This resulted in the loss of precision. The limitation was due to the report fixed column width of 8 characters.
    • The List, ListX and Summary Performance Forms have been enhanced to allow the user to optionally specify the column Length value for each statistical field. The maximum column length that can be specified is 19. The minimum length is 8. If no length is specified, the default length of 8 is used.
    • In addition, the user can select to report on a substring of character fields. This can be done by specifying the Offset and Length values in the Form as currently allowed for character User Fields.
    • Note: this function is only supported in:
      • Performance List reports
      • Performance List Extended reports
        • Performance Summary reports
      • Performance HDB List and Summary reports
    • A number of CICS PA customers have also commented that they could only include User Fields in Performance Forms and HDB Templates when they were created. They could not add them to exiting Forms or Templates.
      • With this new capability, users are able to add User Fields to existing Performance Forms and Templates using the existing edit functions. New line action U and field prompt option Additional User Field have been implemented to allow the user to include User Fields.

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