CICS Performance Analyzer is the premier performance reporting and analysis tool for CICS Transaction Server.

The current version is CICS PA V5.4, and this has been enhanced via PTF for APAR PH15012.

RFE 116861. Prior to this enhancement, CICS CMF count field CURTASKS (DFHTASK A434) is defined in CICS PA as a character field (DFHTASK C434) preventing specification of summary function MAX.
This APAR restores CURTASKS field to its original type of count (DFHTASKS A434) in order to allow the specification of summary functions MAX and MIN. This offers more value, as it allows summary functions maximum (MAX) and minimum (MIN) to show the system load for specific summary intervals, APPLIDs, transaction codes, etc.

The change to CURTASKS field type from character (DFHTASK C434) to count (DFHTASK A434) will have an impact on the following areas:

  • Performance Forms and HDB Templates. Field CURTASKS must be deleted and redefined in all CMF Forms and Templates.
  • DB2 tables. If this field is defined in DB2 tables loaded by CICS PA, those tables must be dropped, recreated and reloaded.

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