The CICS Developer Center is the home of supporting collateral – such as blogs, videos and sample code – for users of the world’s favourite transaction processor CICS.
All written and produced by the very same people that develop, test and support the products.

So what is CICS?

Well, it stands for Customer Information Control System, and refers to a family of mixed-language application servers and connectors, that have been at the heart of mission-critical enterprise solutions for over 40 years.

The reasons we have been able to enjoy this longevity are simple: CICS is reliable, scalable, secure and continues to develop to serve the changing demands of enterprise businesses across the globe.

We are a first class application server for programs written in a multitude of languages, from Java to COBOL. Enabling developers to write in the language that makes sense for them and makes sense for the application.

We are able to handle hundreds of thousands of transactions a second. Enabling businesses to provide new mobile services to their clients with confidence that CICS will be up to the challenge of increased and unpredictable workloads.

We are supported by a wealth of products enabling you to make the most of your systems. Tools included in the CICS Optimization Solution Pack allow you to tune your infrastructure and applications to perfection. Providing embedded expertise to help you understand and adapt.

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