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Scripting with z/OS Provisioning Toolkit: Removing Old Containers

Being a command that’s run from USS—from a shell—z/OS PT is easy to use as part of a more complicated script. In this short example, we’re going...

Podcast: CICS TS V5.4 open beta – CICS microservices

Chris Poole from CICS Development , talks about the concepts of microservices in CICS and why they are a valuable new capability in the CICS...

How to use the CICS Asynchronous API Commands

Get straight down to business with the new CICS asynchronous API commands in the open beta. We develop a very simple pair of programs to...

Discovering CICS Web Services with IBM API Management

How to set up and run a service discovery application, which can be used to advertise CICS web services (composed of WSDL and WSBind file...

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