Mark Cocker

Senior Software Engineer, IBM Hursley

Hill lead for CICS support of Node.js and Java, CICS Consultant, Senior Software Engineer

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Enterprise Architects: an introduction to Node.js in CICS

Learn about Node.js and why it is useful for you, find out when Node.js in CICS is the best choice, and explore how to run...

Node.js Developers: an introduction to Node.js in CICS

Find out about CICS and learn how it is relevant to you, learn when to choose Node.js with CICS, and explore how to run a...

System Programmers: An introduction to Node.js in CICS

Find out what Node.js is, and its value in CICS, answer your questions on how to set up, and run Node.js in CICS as well...

Java 8 recommended for CICS TS V5

IBM SDK, Java™ Technology Edition, Version 8 is now the recommended version for use with CICS TS V5.

IBM SDK for Node.js – z/OS – CICS samples now available

[This post was originally contributed by Mark Hollands] Node.js is a server-side JavaScript runtime for rapidly building innovative applications. Over the last 7 years, Node.js...

CICS support for Java EE 7

CICS TS V5.4 now supports Java Enterprise Edition 7 (Java EE) Full Platform. This platform enables developers to write cross-platform applications and host them in...

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