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Podcast: New Asynchronous API in CICS TS V5.4

Prad Gohil from the CICS Development team, gives you everything you need to know about the new Asynchronous API delivered in CICS TS V5.4. Read...

Podcast: CICS TS V5.4 open beta – CICS Async APIs

Prad Gohil and Chris Poole, from CICS Development, give a short explanation of what is delivered in the area of Async APIs in CICS in...

Introducing the New CICS Asynchronous API!

This article explores the benefits of asynchronous programming patterns in CICS and the new asynchronous API commands that have been added in the CICS TS...

Quick start CICS Explorer projects for “Cloud Enabling CICS”

This post from Prad Gohil is a counterpart for the examples included as part of the IBM Redbook 'Cloud Enabling CICS'

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