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OSGi Demystified: 4.2 – Best Practices

A continuation of series 4 in the OSGi Demystified series. Ivan explores some more of the OSGi best practices which will be useful to your...

OSGi Demystified: 4.1 – Don’t bungle your bundles

Invoke Ivan explores some OSGi best practices focusing on using common OSGi bundles and accessing Properties files in an OSGi bundle.

OSGi Demystified: 3.3 – Workarounds for exploiting OSGi Services effectively

In this last article of the series, we look at some of the reasons why you may not be able to exploit OSGi services. While...

OSGi Demystified: 3.2 – Declarative Services

In this article, the second in series 3 discussing dynamic class loading, Ivan takes a look at the many benefits of OSGi, as well as...

OSGi Demystified: 3.1 – Dynamic Class Loading

The first in series 3 of Invoke Ivan's OSGi Demystified, this article addresses the thorn in the side of OSGi - dynamic class loading. Discover...

OSGi Demystified: 2.4 – Boot Compatibility

‘OSGi Demystified’ is a series of articles addressing common OSGi issues in CICS. We offer insight into OSGi, discuss best practices, and provide setup and...

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