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Podcast: z/OS Provisioning Toolkit Update V1.0.3

Matthew Webster, Senior Technical Staff Member for CICS TS, discusses the enhancements delivered in the latest release of z/OS Provisioning Toolkit! Find out more about...

Podcast: z/OS Provisioning Toolkit enhancements in CICS TS V5.4

Matthew Webster, Senior Technical Staff Member for CICS TS, describes the latest enhancements delivered in z/OS Provisioning Toolkit – a simple command line utility that...

Provisioning a CICS & Liberty development environment in minutes with the z/OS Provisioning Toolkit

The IBM z/OS Provisioning Toolkit 1.0 enables application developers to rapidly self-service provision a development environment without direct interaction with a systems programmer....

DFHDPLOY now available for CICS TS V5.1 and V5.2

DFHDPLOY introduced with CICS TS V5.3 allows simple scripts to be written that deploy, re-deploy, or un-deploy CICS bundles and CICS applications. APAR PI56706 “DFHDPLOY...

Migrating Java applications to JVM server

Learn how to move existing Java applications from a pooled JVM environment to the OSGi JVM server introduced in CICS TS V4.2.

How can I phase in the new version of a CICS Application?

This post details how use to the multi-versioning capability to increase service agility.

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