I am a technical lead for z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition focussing on the serving of RESTful APIs on the mainframe.

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Analysis of mobile workload using IBM Bluemix

Learn how to use Bluemix to record and easily monitor the usage of an API created using CICS TG.

Creating a RESTful API with CICS TG and TXSeries

How to create a RESTful API using mobile support introduced in CICS TG V9.1 to invoke transactions in TXSeries.

Unit testing JCICS applications

Find bugs early on through the use of JCICS and Mock Object frameworks.

Creating the CICS TG Mobile Demo

This blog shows how to put together a sample application which makes use of the programs and data provided by the GENAPP support pac.

Using JCA with the CICS TG in WebSphere Liberty Profile

Learn how to use the JCA to connect to CICS with CICS TG and the WebSphere Liberty Profile.

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