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Why Cloud Native?

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Learn about IBM's approach to Cloud Native development and its core principles.

Starters & How To's

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Get started using Cloud Native apps with code starters and how to starters.

Get started with the Bluemix CLI

A unified way for you to interact with your applications, virtual servers, containers, and other components.

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The IBM Cloud Native Approach

IBM's Cloud Native approach is anchored in container technologies and DevOps practices for building and continuously delivering Cloud Native applications and microservices.

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Build and manage flexible and portable containerized cloud applications

Move your services seamlessly from development to production using containers. Rely on environment variables and injected configuration to keep the code you run on your laptop as close as possible to what runs on the Cloud. Let the platform cluster, orchestrate, and scale your apps for you.

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Deliver continuously with an integrated, open DevOps toolchain and automated delivery pipeline

Automate all the things. Use Bluemix Continuous Delivery with your favorite open-source and third-party tools to create an integrated toolchain to automate the build, deployment, and management of your apps. Get insight into the health of your apps with logging and availability monitoring. Get insight into your ops with DevOps Insights.

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An architecture for production-ready, repeatable, and scalable apps

Microservices, and the cultural changes that come with them, help teams accelerate delivery of scalable cloud native services in an agile way.

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Starters & How To's

Browse our Starters and How To Starters for building Cloud Native apps

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