Today we’re launching the Developer Center for IBM Cloud Data Services, a site built for software developers like you, by IBM developer advocates like us. Cloud Data Services (CDS) is a new division of IBM. We run data management services on the IBM cloud, enriched with analytics tools, mobile services and data sets (such as Twitter, The Weather Company, and demographics).

We begin every team meeting with our mission: Providing the best experience for developers to engage and build with a comprehensive set of rich, integrated data services covering content, data, and analytics. I’m sharing this to emphasize two points:

  1. We are more than a cloud DBaaS provider. Our value comes from the integration of databases, content and analysis.
  2. The developer is front and center in this story. We’re excited to help companies explore the value of polyglot persistence, applying the right database for the job, while keeping costs — and your sanity — in check.

We want to put sophisticated business analytics, like sentiment analysis and customer insights, into the hands of every developer, not just those in large organizations.

Our Perspective

This site is built for developers by developer advocates, not a marketing group or an outside agency. Our sole goal is to help you build better software faster. There will be rough edges. But everything you find here will be authentic and developer-focused.

Our team is made up of developers like you. We live in the real world, like you. So we’re interested in the problems you need to solve. Smart data handling is central to any business or software solution. This site is devoted to helping you understand what’s possible and providing the tools and know-how to help you succeed.

Our Job

Our developer advocates here work with the latest cloud-based data technologies to explore and push boundaries. We build working applications, exercising IBM’s platform every day. We’ll regularly release prototypes and tutorials that identify the right tools for real-world jobs and show you how to use these services to handle data in the cloud. Our assets are open source and free for you to use.

We’re active in development communities around the globe, including our own internal community here at IBM. We work closely with several IBM teams to ensure that we’re leveraging the best technologies available. It’s vital that our data services integrate and play well together. An important part of our mission is to build on, test, and improve data integration use cases.

We’ll be posting lots of samples, tutorials, and more here in the coming months. Take our code, extend it in your own project, and let’s build amazing things!

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There’s no need to wait for our next blog post.

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