A few months back, IBM Cloudant open-sourced the repos that power our integration with the Apache Lucene™ text search engine library. See this excellent blog from Robert Newson, who outlines the projects Clouseau and Dreyfus and explains how they interact with Cloudant’s CouchDB-based system.

Lucene + CouchDB

Use Lucene with the current release of CouchDB y’all.

The Lucene Search integration will become part of the forthcoming CouchDB 2 release, but if you can’t wait, our own Robert Kowalski published instructions on how to recompile the current 1.6.1 release of CouchDB to use the new search features. See his blog at https://cloudant.com/blog/enable-full-text-search-in-apache-couchdb/ for more.

In addition to their work at IBM Cloudant, both Roberts are deeply involved in Apache CouchDB as members of its Project Management Committee. A big thank you to both for their work and for making CouchDB an awesome place to store JSON data :D

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