If you’ve explored Bluemix during a free trial, test-drove one of our sample applications or built one of your own during a Bluemix hackathon, you’ve probably already used some of our data services from the catalog to get, build and analyze data in the cloud.

Let’s take, for example, the Simple Data Pipe web application. You can use this app to consolidate data from cloud-based CRM and billing systems in an operational data store for analytics and business intelligence. In addition to a Node.js® runtime, it uses three cloud-based data services: Cloudant (a NoSQL document store, used as a staging area for the loaded data), DataWorks (a data refinery) and dashDB (IBM’s cloud data warehouse). To compose an application from various data services, an application simply tells the platform to bind them together. Bluemix handles the rest.

If you want your mobile or web applications to access on-premises data sources, however, you’ll need a service like the Secure Gateway to establish a secure connection. Exposing a secure access point from within your own data center to cloud applications on IBM Bluemix is a little more involved, but we have resources to help you piece it all together.

Hybrid data sources

New to hybrid cloud apps? Don’t worry; we’ll walk you through it step by step. Read our tutorial to learn how to configure access to a relational on-premises database using the Secure Gateway service.

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