This week I boarded the train and headed North towards Edinburgh and then on again through the snow-covered Cairngorms until I reached Inverness.


Many years ago, I paddled from one side of Scotland to another in a Canadian canoe with a work colleague. We finished our three-day adventure in Inverness, soaked to the skin having capsized in the River Ness on the final morning after having shared the last egg for breakfast.


The Highland Web Group meets every month. Web Developers, graphic designers, and full-stack developers discuss the latest technology.

My talk introduced Offline-First techniques to the meetup; how to use PouchDB to store data locally, using in-browser storage, and sync the data to IBM Cloudant when possible. This gives the app user an "always on" experience, even when disconnected from the network—a situation at top of mind, as my phone signal flaked out for long periods on my journey through the mountains!

After the talk, we discussed possible use-cases including logistics, medical applications, and offering "offline-first" as an option in bespoke web design shops.


I'd like to the thank Blair Millen and the Highland Meetup for their hospitality, and I'd like to encourage other developer relations folks to venture this far North. It's well worth the trip!

Here are the slides from the presentation:


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