At the start of the year, we introduced the Simple Search Service, a Bluemix-deployable app that lets you create a fully-indexed, faceted search engine using Node.js and IBM Cloudant in no time at all.

Since then, we've been tweaking and improving things to give you the extra features you have been asking for–along with a few other things!

New look and feel

Veterans of the Simple Search Service will instantly notice the look and feel has changed a fair bit since January.

New UI

Things are now styled up to improve usability and to house all the tweaks that we have been adding. Don't worry though, it is still as easy as ever to import and index your data.

Content Management

Quite a lot of feedback we received centered around the ability to manage your data after import. To help with this, we added a new Edit Data section, which you'll see in the app's left-hand menu.

The Edit Data screen lets you search existing data and narrow down results with clickable facets. Once you find the data you're looking for, edit it directly in the app. Of course, you'll be able to add new rows, and remove any rows that you no longer need.


When you add or edit rows, the app enforces the schema you set at import, which helps keep the quality of your data high. The app also gives you a data-entry form tailored to your schema.

API integration

As well as adding management features to the UI, we also exposed the underlying data APIs to help you integrate your apps with the Simple Search Service. All of the APIs are subject to the same schema validation you find in the UI, so you can be sure that the quality of your data won't be compromised no matter how you manage it.

You can use the API to add, edit, delete, and get rows from your dataset via HTTP. See the full data API Reference.

Lockdown Improvements

Previously, you had to decide whether the Simple Search Service was open, letting you delete and re-add your data, or closed, meaning that you could access only the /search endpoint.

We extended Lockdown Mode, so you can make the Simple Search Service read-only for your users, while allowing administrators to bypass lockdown mode using HTTP Basic Authentication to access both the UI and the new API.

Try the New Features

  • If you have an existing instance of Simple Search Service, you can upgrade by pulling down the latest code from the Github Repository and npm install.

  • If you're new to the service or just want to explore in a fresh instance, click this button to deploy:

    Deploy to Bluemix

Try out the new features, and share your thoughts at the bottom of this page, or submit a pull request on GitHub. Collaborators welcome!

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