Howdy, fine readers! First: a big thank you for following the developer advocacy team here on IBM developerWorks. You might have noticed that while this site, as a whole, is still very active (see all the new products and getting-started guides in the Services tab), the blog has not been. That’s because we’ve moved our blog to the Medium publishing platform.

Our new Medium blog

We’re on Medium as the IBM Data Lab. Yes, we have a new name, and with it comes a slightly different charter. We still work with our friends in IBM’s analytics software group, but as part of the IBM Watson and Cloud Platform group, our focus has narrowed to cloud data management services and Watson APIs.

How can you quickly sign up and combine IBM’s cognitive APIs with a range of databases and data-processing tools to build meaningful apps? It’s our goal to show you.

The new Medium site for the developer advocacy team

From a strategy perspective, the director of the WDP developer advocacy program, Brad Noble, further explains our reasoning for the move on—where else?—Medium. And, of course, all our example apps and code are still on GitHub, right where they’ve always been.

So head on over to Medium and say hello to the team. Like the masthead says: “Things we made with data @ IBM CODAIT, so you can too.” See you there!

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