Combine Apache® Spark™ with other cloud services to speed analysis and reveal insights.

Whether you want to track how a conversation is trending on Twitter or predict future events based on a trove of existing data, the lighting-fast processing power of Apache® Spark™ can help you crunch large data sets fast. We’ll show you how to harness the power and potential of the Apache® Spark™ engine and programming model.

Why Spark?

Apache Spark logo Apache® Spark™ is the open-source, cluster-computing framework with in-memory processing, which runs up to 100 times faster than other technologies on the market today. One of the nicest things about this technology is that it features a simple programming model that hides the complexity inherent to distributed computing. As an added bonus, the APIs come in multiple flavors: Scala, Java, Python, and R.

Integrated Services

Analytics for Apache Spark integrates with SWIFT Object Storage, Cloudant, dashDB, SQLDB, Watson, and other IBM Cloud services. These services all play well together on a single cloud platform, which eases development and lets you bring creativity and breadth to your analysis solutions.

Combined Services in Action

This video demo shows how you can set up Apache Spark to work with Watson Tone Analyzer to gauge social and emotional tones in a set of tweets.
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