Bradley Holt

Developer Advocate and Senior Software Engineer,

Bradley Holt is a Developer Advocate and Senior Software Engineer with IBM Watson Data Platform. He writes and speaks about topics such as CouchDB, PouchDB, Offline First, PHP, Node.js, and Domain-Driven Design.

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Offline Verse

One of my areas of focus as a Developer Advocate here at IBM Cloud Data Services is , an approach to building web and mobile...

Join us for Offline Camp

For over a year now I've been advocating for an Offline First approach to building web and mobile apps. I've spoken to developers about Offline...

On the Passage of HB2 in North Carolina

I was dismayed to hear the news of North Carolina's anti-LGBT bill known as HB2. There were many thoughts that ran through my head, both...

Introducing Cloudant FoodTracker: An Offline-First App

I'm happy to introduce to you a new sample app called Cloudant FoodTracker which demonstrates building an offline-first app using Cloudant Sync for iOS. With...

Developer Experience in the API Economy

Many of today's products and services include APIs and other points of extension and integration intended to be used by software developers, even if the...

IBM Insight 2015 Recap

Several of us from the Cloud Data Services team headed to Las Vegas last week to join 14,000 customers, business partners, and coworkers for IBM...

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