Glynn Bird

Before joining IBM Cloud Data Services, Glynn served as the Head of IT and Development for Central Index, creating a white-label frontend for a NoSQL business directory (using PHP, Node.js, MySQL, Redis, Cloudant, and Redshift). His experience includes writing CRM systems, "find my nearest" indexes, e-commerce platforms, and a phone tracking app. He also built a transport route-planning system in Java. Glynn got his start in Research and Development for the steel industry, creating control and instrumentation systems. Outside work, Glynn enjoys guitars, football, crosswords, and Victorian fiction.

Posts from this devCenter

Winter is Coming: Importing Game of Thrones Data into Cloudant with the Simple Search Service

Import structured data into a Cloudant NoSQL database, where it is indexed and presented as a faceted search API.

Multiplying Microservices

Add an aggregator microservice to a microservices app and use it to perform simple streaming analytics.

Simple CouchDB and Cloudant Backup

Following CouchDB's latest release, how do you back up a CouchDB or Cloudant database?


A command-line tool that lets you share real-time, streaming text data with your colleagues, who can view logs in their terminal or on a web...

Navigating NoSQL

A recap of my talks on "NoSQL", including details on infrastructure, data models, and the types of databases available today on the IBM cloud.

Simple Metrics Collector – Microservices Edition

Our Metrics Collector app rebuilt to fit into a Microservices stack.