Mark Watson

Prior to joining IBM Cloud Data Services, Mark was the CTO of an Austin-based startup. Mark has over 17 years of software development experience, has authored iOS and Android apps with over 1.5 million downloads, architected and managed cloud deployments on both SQL and NoSQL databases, and developed multi-threaded/high performance backends for IoT, RFID, and RTLS solutions in Java and .Net.

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Persisting Data for a Smarter Chatbot

In this article, I'll show you how to improve the Watson Recipe Chatbot by integrating Cloudant to cache 3rd party API calls, provide a personalized...

Location Tracker in Swift

Offline apps with mapping, Swift and cloud sync. Learning Swift development but wondering how to work with location data — perhaps persist it to a...

Location Tracker – Part 2

In part 1 of our Location Tracker example app walk-through, we showed how to use Cloudant's native iOS library to support offline-first design. Here, I...

Location Tracker – Part 1

Our Location Tracker example app shows Swift developers how simple it is to use Cloudant to track, store and query location data. The app supports...

App Store gives hope to Indie Developers Again?

Reaction to the Verge interview with Phil Schiller about upcoming changes to Apple's App Store.

Uncover Insights About Your Products Hidden in Stack Overflow

As developer advocates, how do we measure our performance on Stack Overflow? In this post, I'll show you how to extend the Stack Overflow connector...

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