Mike Broberg

Mike worked in tech PR for many moons before starting to work with Cloudant in 2012. He joined Cloudant's marketing team full-time in 2013 and is now happily ensconced in the IBM CDS developer advocacy team, where he edits articles, QAs demo apps, and helps other peeps learn what's up with dev advocacy. Aside from words, he also writes bad Java code. Ask Mike about today's specials!

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Moving to Medium

We're now the IBM Watson Data Lab on Medium. More on what that means for our blog and our developerWorks site.

Seven Databases in Seven Days

In Seven Databases in Seven Days, IBM Developer Advocates Lorna Mitchell and Matt Collins introduce you to a new cloud database in the IBM portfolio...

Check Out IBM's "New Builders" Podcast

The New Builders is a weekly podcast featuring developers from around the web, talking about the new languages, libraries, and infrastructure they're using to build...

Interview: Leveraging Technology, and D3.js

I recently spoke with Leveraging Technology, an IBM systems integrator, about how JavaScript is making its way into the enterprise, and how tools like D3.js...

Cloudant <3 Apache CouchDB™ 2.0: Sandbox Cluster Now Available

Cloudant will soon run on the Apache CouchDB 2.0 code base. Today, we're announcing a sandbox cluster for functional testing. Learn what's new for Cloudant...

The New Simple Data Pipe

Introducing a refactored and streamlined Simple Data Pipe, our open source project for data movement onto, or off of, the IBM cloud. Let's cover what...

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