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Mike Elsmore

Mike Elsmore


Mike spends his days as Developer Advocate at IBM Cloudant, using his time to share knowledge on rapid development and CouchDB. Most of the time he can be found in the middle of a prototype in some combination of JavaScript, server tech and odd API's. Mike also happens to be an active part of the hacker subculture, taking part in hackathons and development conferences.

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SEIUM Conference and HeartBits Hackathon

How was SEIUM? SEIUM is a week-long polyglot conference held at the University of Minho in Braga, Portugal. I was invited to give a talk titled No Service, which centered on the technology ecosystem for offline Web development. My talk followed a morning workshop on building Android applications, which covered using local storage engines within apps. I had a natural audience for my presentation: people already considering how to make applications work independent of servers. [caption id="attachment_6416" align="aligncenter" width="600"] SEIUM's excellent site design at[/caption] My talk I covered three main subjects for offline-first HTML5 development: Application Cache and its…

Parse on IBM Bluemix

Parse has become huge in recent years, especially in the mobile app space. The whole point of Parse is to offload data storage and some other features on to a service, rather than the developer having to produce a complete backend to manage everything. Although Parse is sunsetting, it's helping migrate people away from its platform to an alternative, self-hosted version. This version, available via npm, can be found at It is a Node.js service compatible with the original data system used by Parse that was written in Go. The team behind the open source code have been quite…

GOTO Berlin 2015, you were awesome!

As I said earlier in the blog, I had the opportunity to speak at GOTO Berlin 2015. And what can I say, it delivered in massive doses of amazing sessions, great sponsors and fantastic swag. My colleague Sebastian Moehn and I arrived at the conference on Tuesday to set up the all-important Raspberry Pi cluster, running Apache CouchDB™ 2.0. Just finished the small display for @IBMcloudant Cluster. Visit us at @GOTOber to see our technology in action!— Sebastian Moehn (@sebastian_moehn) December 1, 2015 We also ran a competition over the two days for people to win drones. So, thank…

Hello GOTO Berlin 2015!

At last I get to visit Berlin, a city famous for its tech and its developer culture. The birthplace of the Chaos Computer Club and home of C-base, it's somewhere I've wanted to visit for a long time. So during GOTO Berlin 2015 I'll be giving a talk on Microservices called Port 80 All The Things. The talk covers some basics on what microservices are and how they compare to other common design patterns; I'll also cover the positives and negatives of using microservices in applications. And some handy hints on how to glue all this together. If you haven't…

SELECT * FROM Cloudant

Anyone working in software development over the last couple of decades has probably used Structured Query Language (SQL). Applications work with data, so a developer would learn a basic amount of MySQL, MSSQL, DB2, or even Microsoft Access—enough to persist their data and write queries to retreive and analyze it. This means most developers are used to creating expressions like this: [sql light="true"] SELECT, p.title FROM user u JOIN post p ON u.user_id = p.user_id WHERE p.created > <timestamp> [/sql] For new users, it often helps to draw some rough comparisons between the SQL they already know and the…