Michael Elsmore

Mike spends his days as Developer Advocate at IBM Cloudant, using his time to share knowledge on rapid development and CouchDB. Most of the time he can be found in the middle of a prototype in some combination of JavaScript, server tech and odd API's. Mike also happens to be an active part of the hacker subculture, taking part in hackathons and development conferences.

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SEIUM Conference and HeartBits Hackathon

My recap of the SEIUM conference in Braga, Portugal, and its companion HeartBits hackathon. Some good real-world applications of offline-first Web design to create apps...

Parse on IBM Bluemix

The IBM Cloud is here to help you transition from Parse.

GOTO Berlin 2015, you were awesome!

As I said earlier in the blog, I had the opportunity to speak at GOTO Berlin 2015. And what can I say, it delivered in...

Hello GOTO Berlin 2015!

I'll be speaking about microservices at GOTO Berlin 2015 in my talk "Port 80 All The Things." Swing by the IBM booth or find me...

SELECT * FROM Cloudant

An introduction to Cloudant querying and indexing for SQL users.

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