Patrick Titzler

Prior to joining the Cloud Data Services team, Patrick assisted enterprise customers in their efforts to evaluate and deploy IBM's database administration, performance management, and test tools. He has extensive experience creating customer focused training material, such as hands-on labs, videos and e-Learning courses. Patrick is a frequent speaker at conferences, user group meetings and training events and has co-authored two IBM Redbooks and published several articles and tutorials on IBM DeveloperWorks.

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CouchDB Document Copy and Transform Service

We've built a simple lightweight ETL service for CouchDB and Cloudant that handles document filtering and transformation to prepare your JSON documents for cleaner data...

Search Slack with IBM Graph

Search your Slack account using an IBM Graph database and Watson's AlchemyAPI.

Simple Data Pipe Connectors

Import from the cloud data source or SaaS provider of your choice. How connectors let you load data from a variety of sources, through the...

Load Large files into dashDB with Aspera

High-speed file transfer makes it easy to get large files into IBM's dashDB data warehouse.

Accessing mainframe data sources from your Bluemix applications

Learn how Bluemix apps can access existing relational DB2 on-premises databases using the Secure Gateway service.

From PureData System for Analytics to a dashDB Cloud Data Warehouse

Try IBM dashDB, the cloud-based data warehouse, by loading some of your data from IBM PureData System for Analytics (formerly Netezza).

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