Raj Singh

Raj is a Developer Advocate and Open Data Lead at IBM Cloud Data Services. He specializes in all things geospatial and hacks on analytics in R/dashDB and Spark/iPython notebooks. He's currently driven to make CDS the best place to obtain and exploit comprehensive, curated open data sets for business. Raj pioneered Web mapping-as-a-service in the late 1990s with Syncline, a web mapping startup he co-founded. After that he finished his PhD at MIT, which explored the potential of web services to power urban information systems. Prior to joining IBM in 2014, Raj worked on geospatial data interoperability challenges for the Open Geospatial Consortium, an international standards body. He's a frequent speaker on interoperability and geo-location services, and contributed to O'Reilly's 2005 book, "Mapping Hacks".

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Combine your customer and sales data with open data sets like Census stats. Then perform analysis in the cloud to make data-driven business decisions.

IBM Analytics at the Esri Partner/Developer Summit

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Exciting civic and open data projects discussed Saturday at NYC School of Data.

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