Chetna Warade

Chetna is a software engineer who writes articles and publications, does programming, practices agile software development, and performance engineering. In 2014 and 2010 Chetna was issued patents from USPTO and IBM First Invention Plateau award in 2010. She has three patents pending and several IBM IP patent review board publications. Chetna has worked in research and product development since 1999 and has expertise in prototype development, application and database servers, scalability, performance tuning and analysis, Healthcare and Life Sciences and algorithms. She earned a Masters degree in computer science from University of Georgia at Athens and a Bachelors degree from University of Mumbai in India. Chetna has authored performance reports of various releases of Rational Team Concert, including Case study: Comparing RTC and 4.0.3 plan loading performance (2013) and Case Study: Examining Rational Team Concert performance with WebSphere Application Server and Tomcat (2012). She presented and authored High throughput Web Services for Life Sciences at ITCC IEEE Computer Society (2005). She is co-author of Web Services for bioinformatics series in three parts and TcruziDB: an integrated Trypanosoma cruzi genome resource (2004).

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