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Mike Broberg

We're now the IBM Watson Data Lab on Medium. More on what that means for our blog and our developerWorks site.

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In this article, I'll show you how to improve the Watson Recipe Chatbot by integrating Cloudant to cache 3rd party API calls, provide a personalized UX, and run analytics on interactions.

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Raj R Singh

Try openobjectstore, a RESTful interface providing public, unauthenticated access to data in IBM Object Storage.

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Lorna Mitchell & Matt Collins

Looking to learn the basics of cloud databases? Our seventh and final article in a series of posts in honour of the book Seven Databases in Seven Weeks, where we show you how to get up and running on the database services available on Compose and the IBM Cloud. Join us for an introduction to Redis.

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Matt Collins

Want live chat on your site? Or do you need to trigger user notifications based on events? Build complex real-time features, at scale, with the use of a few simple APIs provided by our Simple Notification Service.

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Glynn Bird

Increase app response time and spare your data services unnecessary work. Use cachemachine to cache any HTTP service with Redis as the cache store, and plug it directly into the Cloudant Node.js library.

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Lorna Mitchell

My favorite talk from OSCON Europe was "Building a Powerful Data Tier from Open Source Datastores" by Joey Lynch of Yelp. It was a great overview of the modern database landscape, with advice on when to pick which one. Here, I recap the highlights I took away from his talk.

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