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Some integration examples

Cloudant plays well with others. You can integrate with many other technologies.

Sample databases and applications

The Examples Cloudant account contains some really great example databases and Cloudant applications showcasing the different ways to index and search your data.
You can replicate any of these databases to your own Cloudant account. Find out how to create a replication job.

Search Indexes

Secondary Indexes

Cloudant Query

Cloudant Geospatial

Apache Spark

Medium and large datasets



Cloudant is ideal for mobile apps. Cloudant sync allows mobile and distributed apps to scale by replicating and syncing data between multiple readable, writeable copies of the data in other data centers, and even on mobile iOS and Android devices.

Check our our library repos on GitHub:

Cloudant Sync for Android repo
Cloudant Sync for iOS repo

And read about how an offline-first approach can make your app function seamlessly for users.


There are several official development libraries. These libraries are often a big help, but if you prefer, you can use only your language’s native HTTP and JSON libraries to develop against Cloudant.

Select your language/platform


Java ObjectiveC Node.js
iOS Python Swift Apache Spark