IBM Analytics Engine is a combined Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop service that provides an environment for developing and deploying advanced analytics applications. It uses HortonWorks Data Platform as the core Hadoop distribution, so it provides a way to spin up Spark and Hadoop clusters within minutes as well as allow for better collaboration, simplified user experience, scalability, and reliability. The compute and storage capabilities are separate so each can scale independently to ensure no loss of data if a compute cluster fails.

Watch this short video to see an introduction to the IBM Analytics Engine.

Get Started with provisioning, managing, connecting to, and using the service in a IBM Watson Studio (formerly IBM Data Science Experience) notebook.

Try out the IBM Analytics Engine service on IBM Cloud.

Visit the IBM BigInsights on Cloud Learning Center for more Apache Hadoop videos or the IBM Analytics for Apache Spark Learning Center for more videos on Apache Spark.

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2 comments on"IBM Analytics Engine"

  1. Hi,
    How do we implement IAE as a dedicated service in IBM Cloud? For storage we can have dedicated Object Storage, but for the computation in BigInsigths can we have it hosted in a dedicated service?

  2. IBM Analytics Engine clusters are single tenant currently; so there’s good level of isolation already. We are looking at options to make them more private. We would be glad to analyze your requirement and provide a response if you can enter it here, please –

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