Create a database and add documents

Watch this short video to see how to create a database and add documents.

Here are some other ways to load data:

  • Use the _bulk_docs endpoint to bulk load JSON documents. Visit the HTTP API page and watch the Execute common API commands video along with Tutorial 4 to try out the _bulk_docs endpoint, or check out the Bulk operations documentation.
  • Use couchimport to load data from a spreadsheet. (See more import tools.)
  • Replicate a database. Learn how on the Replication page.

Try the tutorials

Now that you’ve seen how to create a database and add documents, try it for yourself! In these tutorials, you’ll create a database and work with documents in the database.

If you haven’t created a Cloudant account yet, complete the steps on the Get Started page.

Tutorial 1: Create a Database and add documents

Cloudant is a NoSQL document database meaning that a database contains a collection of JSON formatted documents. Now you can use the Cloudant Dashboard to create a database, and then to add data to your database, you add a new document to the database. ▼More

Tutorial 2: Update a document

Now update an existing document. ▼More

Tutorial 3: Clone a document

Next, you’ll clone or duplicate a document. ▼More

Tutorial 4: Delete a document

Lastly, you can also delete a document from the dashboard. ▼More

Database permissions

Now watch this short video to see how to use the Cloudant Dashboard to change the permissions for a database.

Tutorial 5: Change database permissions

Now that you’ve seen how to change database permissions, try it for yourself! ▼More

Replicate a sample database

This video shows you how to replicate a sample database from the Cloudant Examples account.

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  1. Tutorials are out of date and frustrating for a new user trying to follow along. Cannot find any way to replicate even the sample databases – and quite confused with what to do now per permissions (IAM or both and what / how to use if selecting both).

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