Intro to Cloudant Geospatial

This overview of Cloudant Geospatial shows how you can combine the advanced queries of geographic info systems with the flexibility of Cloudant’s database-as-a-service.

Build and query a Cloudant Geospatial index

Learn the best practices and special techniques for building a Cloudant Geospatial index, then watch how to query it.

Before completing this tutorial, if you haven’t created a Cloudant account yet, complete the steps on the Get Started page.

Tutorial 1: Explore a Cloudant Geospatial index

This tutorial walks you through the Geospatial indexes in a sample database. ▼More

Use in a real-world app

See how Cloudant Geospatial is used in an app that maps data sourced from a public crimes database.

Tutorial 2: Examine an Application That Uses Cloudant Geospatial

Next, you’ll see an example of Cloudant Geospatial in action. ▼More

Tutorial 3: Build a Location Tracker Application

As a next step, try completing the Location Tracker tutorial that shows you how to build an app that records the location and movements of mobile devices and shows it all on a map in real time. ▼More

Ready to dive in? Read the Cloudant Geo documentation.

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