Overview of indexes and queries in Cloudant

This video introduces you to the different types of indexes that you can create to query the data in your database, and explains the typical use cases for each type of index.

To learn more, read the indexes documentation.

Index Feature Comparison

The following table provides a breakdown of Cloudant Index options and functionality. ▼More

The Primary Index

The primary index is the fastest way to retrieve data from your database and is available out-of-the-box which means you don’t have to write any code before you can use it. Watch this short video to see how to query the primary index.

Before starting the tutorial, if you haven’t created a Cloudant account yet, complete the steps on the Get Started page.

Tutorial: Query the primary index

Now try it for yourself! This tutorial walks you through querying the primary index. ▼More

Next Steps

As your data grows, you’ll want to explore Cloudant Query, which allow you to build additional indexes over your database.

6 comments on"Indexes and Queries"

  1. Aditya Kunkolienkar March 21, 2018

    How do we sort records in natural sort order?
    Cloudant by default uses ASCII sorting, we want a way in which we show records on UI in natural sort order.

  2. Hi,
    How many Geo-spatial and Normal Indexes can I create?
    Is there a limit?

  3. ANCY JENIFER J April 22, 2019

    how can i retrive ony the payload from the document

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