How MapReduce works

Ideal for routine queries, secondary indexes (aka views) use MapReduce to build indexes over large amounts of data. The secondary index provides a way for you to query data in more ways than just a simple primary key lookup. MapReduce is a two-phase paradigm for crunching large data sets in a distributed system. This video uses a basic example to explain how MapReduce works.

Build and query the secondary index

This video shows you how to create a secondary index, and construct queries to access the secondary index through the API.

Advanced use of the secondary index

Move on from the basics of working with a secondary index to some more advanced techniques.

Before completing this tutorial, if you haven’t created a Cloudant account yet, complete the steps on the Get Started page.

Tutorial: Build and query a view

In this tutorial, you’ll look at and query some views in a sample database. ▼More

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