Using SoftLayer, AWS, or other deployment environments? Learn more about Compose Enterprise.

Compose Enterprise is platform of managed databases-as-a-service to enable modern enterprise applications built on open source database technologies; letting you focus on app development, not database management.

Building modern enterprise applications takes creativity, expertise, and perseverance. Don’t spend dev cycles to configure and manage databases. Once configured, Compose Enterprise provides high availability, failover, backups and more so you can build that next great app without the hassles of running databases. Compose Enterprise:

  • Makes open source easy: Run web and mobile apps on fully managed, hand-picked OSS databases optimized for performance in production.
  • Scales without surprises: Solve serious scale issues and ongoing db management problems you might not have anticipated before your cutting-edge apps were in production.
  • Helps you use the right databases for the job: Choose from among the best OSS databases technologies that make the most sense for your app, then let the Compose Enterprise team manage them for you.

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