IBM Cloud Databases for PostgresSQL and Redis

IBM recently released two new strategic cloud offerings, IBM Cloud Databases for PostgreSQL and IBM Cloud Databases for Redis. These services can help customers consume IBM Cloud resources faster with easy to buy, easy to deploy and easy to scale services which deliver a higher level of satisfaction.

These are the first offerings to use the IBM Cloud Databases design. IBM Cloud Databases offerings have two key characteristics which distinguish them from IBM Compose and other cloud services for open source databases:

  • Native integration with IBM Cloud, which provides a cohesive experience for customers that includes access control, encryption management, technical support and billing
  • Built with the IBM One Cloud certified stack, which integrates:
    1. Cloud Kubernetes Services
    2. Cloud Internet Services
    3. Cross-Regional Cloud Object Storage
    4. High availability in Multi-Zone Regions (MZR)

Compose Databases

Compose is a managed service, offering one-click database provisioning of production ready databases – helping you build your applications faster. Because it’s a managed service, it’s highly repeatable, clustered, secure, and monitored 24x7x365 providing high availability, auto-failover, daily backup, and scalability.

This video provides a quick overview of Compose.

If you provisioned a Compose service prior to September 22, 2016, you can still use and access your instance at Any Compose service instance you want to instantiate and use from this point forward, you should provision from within your IBM Cloud account.

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