IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog is part of IBM Watson. It’s a secure enterprise catalog to index, classify, and govern your data with greater efficiency.

Watson Knowledge Catalog lets you manage your data from every angle. Working with Watson Knowledge Catalog on IBM Watson gives you a 360-degree view of your data so you can create models, uncover insights, and enable your teams to collaborate more effectively.

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Watson Knowledge Catalog enables your team to:

  • Uncover more data
    Find and discover data across multiple on-prem and cloud sources to unlock tribal knowledge and catalog new sources wherever they sit.
  • Ensure compliance
    Control access to governed data assets with automatic policy enforcement, intelligent data cataloging, and enterprise-grade regulatory compliance.
  • Empower teams
    Increase collaboration and accountability through a self-service, governed, data-rich experience that auto-guides users to the most relevant data for their task.

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