Note: The IBM Graph service retired on November 27th, 2017, and the service is being replaced by IBM Compose for JanusGraph. See the announcement for detailed steps on how to migrate to the new service.

IBM Graph is an easy-to-use, fully managed graph database service for storing, querying, and visualizing data points, their connections, and properties. IBM Graph is based on the Apache TinkerPop™ stack for building high-performance graph applications. This means that the service provides you with a set of simplified HTTP APIs, an Apache TinkerPop v3 compatible API, and the full Apache TinkerPop v3 query language. The service gives you flexibility and capabilities, based on a familiar environment. Using the IBM Cloud dashboard, you can bind IBM Graph to your applications easily.

Why should I care about graph databases?

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about graph databases, and you must be wondering, “Should I care about graph databases?” In this video, Lauren Schaefer shares her perspective on graph databases, and describes the makeup of property graphs containing vertices (also called nodes) and edges.

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