Intro to IBM Graph Concepts

Watch this short video to learn about graph database concepts, terminology, and use cases.

How can I try out graph databases?

People are discovering how relevant and helpful graph databases are in today’s connected world. It’s time to give graph databases a try. Watch this video to see how Lauren Schaefer got started.

How to use IBM Graph

This series of videos will help you learn how to navigate through the new user interface, create a model and schema for your database, perform basic create/read/update/delete operations on a Graph database, and how to build a simple traversal query.

  1. Next in this series: Walk through the new user interface
  2. Create a Model and Schema
  3. Perform Basic CRUD
  4. Traverse Your Graph
  5. See an end-to-end use case

You can also check out the IBM Graph documentation.

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