IBM Data Science Experience (DSX) is part of the Watson Data Platform integrated environment. It’s an interactive, collaborative, cloud-based environment where data scientists can use multiple tools to activate their insights. Data scientists can work with a growing set of data science tools such as RStudio, Jupyter, Python, Scala, Spark, IBM Watson Machine Learning, and more.

Watch this short video to see how Watson Data Platform can help guide your company’s success and assist every worker using data to ask questions, extract meaningful insights and accelerate business decisions.

Watch this video for an introduction to DSX.

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Looking to learn more about Data Science Fundamentals? Follow the Data Science Learning Path on Cognitive Class.



Earn a Data Science Badge

If you’re using IBM Data Science Experience, consider earning the Data Science Bootcamp, Data Science Foundations, Data Science Foundations Level 1, Data Science Foundations Level 2, Data Science for Business Level 1, Data Science for Business Level 2, Scala Programming for Data Science Level 1, and Scala Programming for Data Science Level 2 IBM Open Badges to share verified proof of your achievement.

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