IBM Watson Studio, part of IBM Watson, can help you increase productivity by giving your team a single environment to work with the best of open source and IBM software, to build and deploy an AI solution. IBM Watson Studio accelerates the machine and deep learning workflows required to infuse AI into your business to drive innovation. It provides a suite of tools for data scientists, application developers and subject matter experts to collaboratively and easily work with data and use that data to build, train and deploy models at scale.

Watch this short video to see how IBM Watson Studio can help guide your company’s success and assist every worker using data to ask questions, extract meaningful insights and accelerate business decisions.

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Looking to learn more about Data Science Fundamentals? Follow the Data Science Learning Path on Cognitive Class.


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If you’re using IBM Watson Studio, consider earning the Watson Studio Essentials IBM Open Badge to share verified proof of your achievement.

Additional Watson Studio badges are available for Data Refinery, Streams Flows, Visual Recognition, Dashboards, Watson Knowledge Catalog, and Watson Machine Learning.

2 comments on"IBM Watson Studio"

  1. Eldad Palachi January 21, 2019

    I tried experimenting with Dashboards and Data Refinery as they show in the videos but the UI did not let me create a dashboard nor did I have refinery button for my data assets.
    Any idea why or what I should check?

  2. Eldad, to add a dashboard, you can use the “+ Add to project” button in the upper right corner of the Watson Studio screen. For the data refinery, you can also use the “+ Add to project” button and select “Data Refinery flow”

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