Get Started with IBM Watson Studio

Analyze data using RStudio, Jupyter, and Python in a configured, collaborative environment that includes IBM value-adds, such as managed Spark. IBM Watson Studio offers all this functionality, including:

  • a single workspace for your tools
  • a searchable, growing community
  • shareable, collaborative projects
  • supporting content, where you need it

Sign up for a free trial

Watch this short video to see how to sign up for a free trial.

Tour the Gallery section

Watch this short video to see a tour of the Gallery section in Watson Studio.

Create a project

Watch this short video to see how to create both an empty project and a project from a sample.

Need help choosing a tool?

Watson Studio provides a range of tools for users with all levels of experience in preparing, analyzing, and modeling data, from beginner to expert. To pick the right tool, refer to documentation topic Choosing a tool in Watson Studio.

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4 comments on"Get Started"

  1. Philsunset April 13, 2019

    The link “Track Asset Lineage” of this section points to the “Track Asset Lineage” page of “Get Started” section of “IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog” guide. Though the topic is very similar the videos do not explain how to see lineage information of the assets in “Watson Studio” so it is hard to find the similar elements in “Watson Studio” described in the videos.

    • Tracking asset lineage in Watson Studio requires the Watson Knowledge Catalog service. Is there a specific issue you’re seeing?

  2. How to set up Watson Studio for IBM employee, same as external users?

  3. Some of these pages have missing navigation links, if you click through the ‘Get Started’ topics, you will see some pages are missing links that previous pages had…
    ‘Work with Connected Data’ (sometimes spelled ‘Work With Connected Data’ – capitalization mistake)
    ‘Protect data columns using anonymization’
    so on…

    Fixing this may make navigation easier and increase traffic.

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