Load and Analyze Public Data Sets from the IBM Watson Community

This video shows you how to work with public data sets that are available within IBM Watson Studio.

7 comments on"Load and Analyze Public Data Sets"

  1. Created a project, and navigated to a dataset in the community. I can add as a bookmark to my project, but there is no icon (plus sign) for loading it into the project.

    • @bart – The user interface was recently updated, and the new videos are in development. In the meantime, here’s how you do it now:
      – on the community screen, you’ll find a plus sign on the data set tile
      – add the data set to the project

  2. Yup, same problem for me. Cannot load community data as an asset, just it will be in the project bookmarks…

  3. Ashis Panigrahi April 02, 2019

    While running the notebook, I encounter this error:
    NameError: name ‘client_03ec4a68349642e786cb963763cec9ef’ is not defined

    • Ashis, that’s going to depend on what environment you choose and what you select from the Insert to Code drop-down

  4. Steve Cavolick May 14, 2019

    How do you add Notebooks? The interface has changed and I don’t see “New Notebook” on the Assets page.

    • If you don’t see a New Notebook link, then you can add a new notebook using the Add to project link toward the top of the page – in the dialog box that displays, you’ll see an option to add a notebook.

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