IBM Watson Machine Learning is a full-service IBM Cloud offering that makes it easy for data scientists and developers to work together to integrate predictive analytics with their applications. IBM Cloud enables organizations and developers to quickly and easily create, deploy, and manage applications on the cloud.

The focus of IBM Watson Machine Learning on IBM Cloud service is deployment. IBM SPSS Modeler or IBM Watson Studio is required to build models. IBM SPSS Modeler is a powerful, versatile data mining workbench that helps you build predictive models quickly and intuitively, without programming. Watson Studio enables you to analyze data using RStudio, Jupyter, and Python in a configured, collaborative environment that includes IBM value-adds, such as managed Spark and IBM Watson Machine Learning.

Both IBM SPSS Modeler and IBM Watson Studio offer various modeling methods that are not only taken from the field of machine learning, but also from the fields of artificial intelligence and statistics. All these modeling methods are included in IBM Watson Machine Learning (and thus, IBM Watson Machine Learning Machine is not confined to modeling methods known as “machine learning” models in the literature).

How will you be using Watson Machine Learning?

Need help choosing a tool?

Watson Studio provides a range of tools for users with all levels of experience in preparing, analyzing, and modeling data, from beginner to expert. To pick the right tool, refer to documentation topic Choosing a tool in Watson Studio.



Sign up for a free trial of IBM Watson Studio

Watch this short video to see how to sign up for a free trial. then continue to learn how to build models.



Provision the IBM Cloud services

Watch this video to see how to get started by provisioning the necessary services in IBM Cloud.

For IBM Watson Studio, click here to sign up for a free trial, and here to watch the Getting Started video.

For IBM SPSS Modeler, click here to sign up for a free trial.

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  1. Machine Learning service does not appear to be in the studio. I can’t add via the setting pane as it is not an option

    • You can add the Watson Machine Learning under the Services->Watson Services menu. Then click “Add service” – the Machine Learning tile should display with the other Watson services.

  2. David Honnywill June 08, 2018

    I went through a series of videos explaining how to setup Watson Studio and some services in order to build a statistical model (aka “machine learning”) on a dataset for tent sales. I ran a model using a manual technique under a free trial version. Within 24 hours the service had been suspended for 30 days.

    Which makes it difficult to complete the training course !

    Is there an alternative charging mechanism which I should use which will allow me to complete the course work ?


    • As an IBMer, our internal accounts were recently converted. The lite plan instance of the IBM Watson Machine Learning service provides you with a maximum of 5 deployed models, 5,000 predictions per month, and 50 capacity unit-hours per month during which model can be trained, evaluated, and deployed to be available to accept prediction events, with a minimum of 1 minute per training job. Hope that helps.

  3. I could not see models in assets, even though I added spark and machine learning service. I’m using a trial version. Is it different with other account?

    • In Project Settings, make sure “Modeler” is checked to use Watson Machine Learning (or Deep Learning for neural network models).

  4. Steven J. Korzeniewski March 12, 2019

    I am using IBM Watson Studio Desktop version, but now I don’t see the machine learning services like are available in the cloud. I can’t use the cloud service because my dataset is too large, can I use desktop version and still perform machine learning?

  5. Brenda Haddock May 20, 2019

    I am not allowed to add the Spark as an associated service on my project. It says “You can no longer provision a new Apache Spark service
    This service is deprecated. All instances of the Lite plan of this service will be deleted on June 28, 2019.” How do I proceed?

  6. I use Assistant for making Chatbot.

  7. Muhammad Waqas October 13, 2019

    I am unable to create a lite plan instance of IBM Analytics Engine or unable to find any apache spark service.

  8. Gaurav Mittal December 05, 2019

    I am unable to find any apache spark service or this is renamed ?

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