Watch this video to see how to build models that learn over time with Watson Machine Learning and IBM Watson Studio allowing data scientists and analysts to quickly build and prototype models, to monitor deployments, and to learn over time as more data become available.

Note: This video shows the IBM Data Science Experience user interface; however, the functionality in IBM Watson Studio is similar.

After watching the video, try one of the model builder tutorials.

2 comments on"Build a Continuous Learning Model"

  1. Cesar Eduardo da Silva April 12, 2018

    Couldn´t add db2 warehouse on cloud. Couldn´t find the data sets he’s talking about. I tried with other data sets but didn’t worked with *.xlsx files, only with *.csv. I couldn´t coninue after the first model built (5:50 in the video)

    • The data set came from here The video content creator removed some columns and rows from the data set, but you should generally be able to use the data set from that site.

      As for Db2 Warehouse on Cloud, you can add the service from Watson Studio:
      1. Select Services->Data Services.
      2. Click Add service.
      3. Select Db2 Warehouse.

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