IBM Lift makes it easy to quickly, securely, and reliably migrate your data from on-premises sources to the cloud.

  • Fast: Lift accelerates data transfer by embedding IBM’s Aspera technology. Aspera’s patented and highly efficient bulk data transport protocol allows Lift to achieve transport speeds up to 10x faster than traditional over-the-wire data movement options.
  • Secure: Any data movement across the Internet requires strong encryption so that your data is never compromised. Lift encrypts your data as it travels across the web, on its way to your IBM Cloud data repository.
  • Non-disruptive: Lift uses change capture technology to track incremental changes to your source database and automatically replays those changes to your target database when the initial load is complete. This process allows for uninterrupted source database operation while the migration is in progress.

Learn how to migrate your first data set.

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