IBM Analytics for Apache Spark is a cloud-based data service you can use on IBM Cloud, IBM’s open cloud platform for building, running, and managing applications.

Launch the service

  1. Log in to IBM Cloud (not an IBM Cloud user yet? Sign up for a free trial.).

  2. From the left slide-panel, click Data & Analytics.

    You see a screen centered on data services. You can return here regularly to work with your data and analytics services from one easy-to-use page.
  3. Select the Analytics tab, and then click Instances.
  4. Click the NEW INSTANCE button.

  5. Configure instance and data storage.
    Enter a descriptive name for your instance, choose a space, and select your data plan (find plan comparison and pricing details at top of this page).
    IBM Cloud automatically populates the Object storage name with your instance name. It’s likely you’ll need data storage for your Spark project, so choose a space and plan here too.



    Your instance opens.
  7. Create a notebook.
    Notebooks provide an interactive computational environment to perform analytic tasks on data coming from diverse sources, and let you combine code execution, rich text, mathematics, plots and rich media together in one place.
    You have a few options here. You can:

    • Create a new notebook in either Scala or Python. Enter a name, choose a language, and click CREATE NOTEBOOK.
    • Import an existing notebook. At the top of the page, click either the From File tab or the From URL tab and upload your notebook or enter your URL. Then click CREATE NOTEBOOK.
    • Explore and learn from a sample notebook. At the top of the page, click the Samples tab and choose the sample you want. Then click CREATE NOTEBOOK.

    For exploration, choose the last option and create a notebook from the Precipitation Analysis sample, and watch this video to see how this sample notebook works.

  8. Read and explore this sample python notebook to understand what’s available and how load data and work with it.

Working with Analytics for Apache Spark in IBM Cloud

Whether you’re new to Apache® Spark™ or a veteran, the following docs in IBM Cloud can guide you through every step:

Read how to:

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