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Assemble a display

Change visualization types in a display

You can change the visualization type of a discovery in a display without having to return to Discover. The following video will show how to:

  • change visualization types
  • format a visualization

Modify properties of a display

You can modify the overall appearance of a Display, as well as the individual visualizations. The following video will show how to:

  • modify properties in a display
  • modify properties of individual widgets in a display

Filter visualizations in a display

You can set filters so that they affect one or multiple visualizations in your display. Filtering between visualizations only applies when the visualizations are based on the same data asset. The following video will show how to:

  • filter data on all tabs of a Display
  • filter data on the current tab of a Display
  • delete filters
  • clear filters
  • filter data in an individual visualization of a Display
  • show the filter details

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