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Create and use expert storybooks

Author an expert storybook

Expert storybooks are guided analytic templates in Watson Analytics that target specific business problems and accelerate your time to achieving insights.

You can author your own expert storybook that focuses on the most pertinent information by selecting the right analyses, questions, and visualizations for a business problem. Storybooks help others in your organization get to answers from their data faster. You can even publish them on the IBM Analytics Exchange for others to use. (Authoring is only available with Plus and Pro Subscriptions.). The following video will show:

  • the hierachical relationship between expert storybooks, displays, discovery sets, and data sets
  • the steps to author an expert storybook

Use an expert storybook

Experts create and curate top findings for you to explore and apply to your business or organization. If you’re long on analytics projects but short on time or knowledge, expert storybooks can handle the hard work so you get answers you need when you need them. Pre-loaded analytics templates and smart data discovery, guide you through your data and provides commentary that helps you understand what you are seeing.

If you subscribe to the Plus edition or the Professional edition of Watson Analytics, you can download and use expert storybooks. The following video will show:

  • the benefits of using expert storybooks
  • the components of an expert storybook for Win/Loss analysis, such as the top line view, expert guidance, annotations, interactivity, and natural language questions

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